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Three issues: (1) Pickup time was 04:25 AM for a trip To Denver International and a 08:55 flight. I got up at 03:45 and was just getting into the shower when my cell phone rang. I missed the call. Getting back into the shower the land line rang. Once again I missed the call. Back to the shower and my cell phone rang. This time I got the call. It was the driver, could I move up my time to 04:10? No way I was still trying to get into the shower. His three calls, all before 4 AM, woke up my girlfriend who was ill and had only just got to sleep, her 95 year old father who has trouble sleeping and his 87 year old wife. They were very upset. I was really upset! Completely unacceptable.

(2) After I got into the van the driver informed me that he was a Christian and could he play a Christian radio channel. Reluctantly I agreed because the other passenger in the van had agreed and most of us try not to be disagreeable even if at 4 AM. Despite sitting in the back of the van and notwithstanding a loud road noise the music and commentary was still clearly audible; i.e. the music was quite loud. I believe that music in a public conveyance should be neutral and paying passengers should not be placed in a position of agreeing or not with a driver. It was a long 45 minute drive. Again- unacceptable.

(3) Following their recommended pickup time got me to the airport 3.5 hours before my flight. What a waste of time and sleep! Of course their policy is if you do not follow their recommended time then they are not responsible if you miss the flight. They obviously set the pick up time so early that they rarely get caught with having to pay out for missed flights!

In the area where I visit and need to get to/ from the Denver airport they pretty much have a monopoly on transportation. As usual in such a situation service takes a hit.

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My biggest competition is SuperShuttle, but we are gaining ground since we provide EXCLUSIVE shuttle rides to the airport at share ride prices! ALOT of SS customers hate leaving their homes 3 hours before they need to since SS might pick up 3 or 4 more parties on the way.

We realize that traveling is stressful already and we don't think we should add to that stress. :)

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